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You are a spiritual being, being human
In the dream state, the secrets you keep from yourself, the wisdom of the Universal Mind, and the future are all waiting for you!  Your dreams are a mirror. When you look, what do you see?  In your dreams, you can find your past, your present worries, and your future.  It is all there for you to see, if you have the courage to look.  
Have you ever felt that your world was unraveling?  If you want to fix your world, take a first step.  Start today, duct tape not needed!  Your new reality is waiting to be born, waiting for you to create it.  What do you want?  Make a wish list, visualize it, believe that you have it already, then hold an attitude of gratitude.  Your world then must change.
This Is Where 
  I Get Off!
of Michigan
Or Maybe,
I Could Borrow Your Duct Tape?
Shirley A. Light
She is hunted, stalked by a darkness  that threatens her existence. Alone and afraid, she must somehow find a way to survive. Her only refuge is an old window in a forgotten room. Ultimately, she must choose. Will she decide to remain in the darkness that dwells within her or will she chance the unknown and embrace freedom.