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Your dreams are a mirror.  When you look, what do you see?
of Michigan
Human life is about doing. Eating, walking, working, even dying, are all activities.  How fast are you making progress in your life; walking, running, biking, driving, taking a train or flying? Are you falling or climbing? Are you learning or failing the test? Are you laughing or crying?  
Usually the people you dream about represent some aspect of your own personality.  If your brother is stingy, dreaming about him is you telling yourself that you are being stingy in some area of your life.  It could be with money, your time, your affection, or with yourself.
​In much the same way as you live in your body, your spend much of your life in your vehicle. Dreaming about running out of gas, relates to having low energy.  Brakes failing relates to your inability to stop...?  Engine failure is about your heart, either physical or emotional.  
We as humans relate animal behavior to human behavior. Beavers are busy.  Cats are independent.  Dogs are loyal.  Foxes are sly. Horses are powerful.  Owls are wise.  Pigs are over eaters.  Rabbits are quick. Swans are graceful. Turtles are slow.  Wolves are hunters.
Numbers or the number of items relate to your conceptual view of life.  0=none, 1=beginning/alone, 2=union, 3=joy/expansion, 4=solid foundation, 5=open/freedom, 6=relationship, 7=spiritual, 8=success, 9=completion, 11=communication, 22=builder
How you are feeling in a dream can be a clue to what you are dreaming about. Emotions can also be represented by colors.  Blue = sad, red = anger, green = envy or jealousy, white = purity, orange = health, black = death, yellow = energy, gold = precious, silver = spiritually.
Storms happen in your dreams and in your life. Rain renews the earth. Wind storms scatter your possessions, like a mental storm makes you feel scattered. Snow makes travel difficult. When the earth quakes, your whole life can be destroyed. A rainbow is a promise.
Whatever is haunting you physically, emotionally, or even financially can manifest as a nightmare. A monster's size relates only to how big you feel the problem is.  Dreams of death, although scary, usually are only about changes.  Gunshots relate to angry words.
Where are you in your dream?  A hotel is a temporary home. A warehouse is where you store things.  A prison relates to feeling restricted. A bank keeps your valuables.  A hospital is a place of healing.  A dessert is a place of lack.   A healthy garden is growth.
Words that you or anyone else in a dream, are words that you are telling yourself.  Listen to them and see how they relate to your life, actions, habits, emotions or thoughts.  Dreams are a way for you to tap into your subconscious mind, to see yourself clearly.
Dream Activities
​Your vehicle